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【Chemical name】N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-3-methyl-2-quinoxalinecarboxamide 1,4-dioxide


【Characteristic】slightly yellow crystal power,no smell,taste bitter,solve hot water,slightly solve in cold water,hardly solve or insoluble in methanol, chloroform and alcohol


Pharmacodynamics:it has strong effect on Gram-negative bacterium especially colibacillus. It also promotes protein anabolic effect and feed conversion rate. Its toxicity is low but piglet and chicken are easy  to be poisoned if excess.

Pharmacokinetics:It can be absorbed quickly for internal use. The bioavailability for internal use of dogs and pigs are 90% and 100%.It excretes quickly with 90% from urine and 5% from dump in 24 hours

【Adaptive】feed additive,anti-bacterial and Protein anabolic,can inhance the growth of pigs,oxs,chicken,improves the conversion of feed and the survival of the fowls.It is always used in the prevention diseases of aquatic.

【Dosage】on the basis of dry feed(per 1000kg)  Ox:100g;pig and sheep,50-70g;fowls:25-30


Pigs whice weight over 35,stop using it 35 days before killing;Forbidden using in birds.

【Storage】Sealed, in dry and dark place

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